Land Use Committee Discuss Ways to Notify the Community about Future Projects


On May 2, 2022, the Sunland-Tujunga Land Use Committee held their monthly meeting. The overarching theme of this meeting was committee members discussing different options to engage the community and to notify them about future projects. The meeting began with Bill Skiles, announcing his resignation as co-chair of the committee due to personal matters.

Moving on to items on the agenda, the committee approved the 9452 Reverie Road project that was rejected in the last meeting. This motion was reviewed during the past meeting but was not sent to the board as an approval due to revisions necessary with the plan, which is why the committee had to reapprove it to the project.

The committee also approved the motion CF 21-1385, which would notify the community about a new construction/project as well as on-site signage. CF 21-1385 would make sure that there is an on-site post that will have a brief description about the project and what is going to be done in that area.

Committee members Richard Marshalian and Stephanie Mines proposed a new procedure for community projects.The procedure would be a way to educate new council members about how to ask questions and how to support a new project in order for it to proceed. Sometimes the applicants want to get support on a project in order to make sure everyone will be happy with the project.

The members also discuss ways to notify community members about future projects. Patti Potter, a council member, talked about how she had mailed letters in the past. The problem she encountered was that half were mailed back because they had the wrong address. The committee members want people from the community to know about future projects and get their opinions about the projects.

Ms. Potter also recommended that council members should drive past future project sites just so they could get familiar and understand where the new project will be located as a form of reference.

Ms. Mines brought up that they should add new projects on the website so people in the community can see what projects are coming up. She noticed that it can become difficult for community members to see the minutes of a meeting. Ms. Potter suggested that they should create a search bar to make it easier for the community to look up specific projects.

Before adjourning, the Land Use Committee confirmed that their next meeting will be scheduled for May 16, 2022.

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