Fire Hydrant Hit on Sunland Blvd


Shortly before 9:42 PM a small white SUV jumped the curb and hit the fire hydrant at the intersection of Wyngate Street and Sunland Boulevard. The fire hydrant was sent over the nearby bushes and landed just a few feet shy of a resident's car that was parked in their driveway.

Several fire engines and an ambulance arrived on the scene. In short order the firemen were able to locate the shut off for the fire hydrant to stop the flow of water. A LAFD representative stated that they will notify the DWP who will arrange for it to be reinstalled.

There did not appear to be another car being involved in the vicinity and no witnesses were available at the scene. The young female driver was able to get out of the car but declined to comment on the situation. She was provided an ice pack held to the right side of her face that a concerned resident had given her. She was checked out by the emergency medical team, but was not immediately transported after the initial evaluation. There is no further update on her condition.

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